Champagne Michel Falmet

History of the Michel Falmet Champagne


A wine tradition

Michel Falmet Champagne, from the Côte des Bar, is the result of a long family tradition.

The history of the House begins in Rouvres-les-Vignes, in the Côte des Bar. Wine was only a part of the farm production then, intended either for local consumption or for trading. In 1970, Michel Falmet, then in charge, decided to write a new chapter of the family history focused only on wine. With his wife, Colette, he developed the Falmet champagne brand marketing. Together, they plant new plots, invest in equipment and modernize the buildings. Thanks to their tenacity, they managed to consolidate the business. 80% of the grape production was then sold to other Champagne Houses.


Breathing new life

Prolonging the family history, the Falmet House is now managed by Corinne and Laurent.

In 2004, the House is taken up by Michel Falmet’s daughter, Corinne. She and her husband, Laurent Collot, wanted to be part of the family line with the desire to guide the Falmet House through the 21st century. In 2007, they acquire a new plot planted with old Chardonnays. A few Years later, they invest in new buildings and develop the production tool. The Michel Falmet Champagnes are ready for a new level and sparkle with the arrival of modern technologies. Today, the House has found its place, thanks to a perfect balance between a generous past and an effervescent future.

« Today, we operate 3.4 hectares in sustainable viticulture. We produce 25,000 bottles a year with the best of our grapes. The rest of our production, approximately 30% is sold to biggest champagne houses like Veuve Clicquot or Drappier ».