Champagne Michel Falmet

Our savoir-faire

Commitment: sustainable viticulture

The grapes composing the Michel Falmet Champagne are grown according to the principles of sustainable viticulture. By protecting the vineyard landscape, promoting biodiversity and perpetuating the natural defenses of the vine, we contribute to the preservation of the Champagne region specificities. A philosophy that benefits our Champagnes.

One result: excellence

The Michel Falmet House puts this commitment into practice: minimum intake of organic amendments, insecticide use banned and grassing of the plots so local wildlife can develop, which recreates a balanced ecosystem. It is this responsible expertise that gives Michel Falmet’s champagne its depth and contributes to its quality. The excellence of a product, is the excellence of an entire territory. And the preservation of the beautiful region of Champagne is an intimate part of it.

"The responsible expertise gives Champagne Falmet all its depth and contributes to its quality."